Sunday, January 8, 2012

Rose in a Storm - Jon Katz

My first book this year, and what a wonderful choice! I was meandering through a book store in Reno back before Christmas, and the picture on the cover caught my eye. After reading the back of the book, I added it to my little stack, and then, when it was time to check out and go back to the truck, I had to choose from my stack what would come with me and what would stay at the store. I let myself choose two, and this one made the cut. As it turns out, I chose well!

I absolutely loved this story, from cover to finish! Rose is a Border Collie mix, a working farm dog, who knows she has a job and loves her job. Rose lives for her job. It's where her joy is, what her life is about. She has the farm to watch over, the sheep to take care of, and the farmer, Sam, to work with. She has a good life. And then one winter morning, as she and the farmer go to work early to help a ewe who is having trouble giving birth, Rose senses a change coming, a storm unlike any other.

As the storm progresses, the reader is carried along in Sam and Rose's struggle to keep the farm animals safe and survive the storm themselves. It is a gripping and emotional story of hardship, loss, devotion, and love.

I so enjoyed this book, I hated for it to end. In fact, it would be a short read, but I put it away for a couple of days because I realized it was going to end too soon, and I wasn't ready to let my relationship with Rose end.

The story is told from Rose's perspective. The way it is written is beautiful, and I formed such an attachment to Rose as the story progressed. I loved getting to see the events through Rose's eyes, to read her thought processes, to experience the storm and it's repercussions through her understanding. I loved reading her interpretations and understandings of things, and also her lack of comprehension.

For all the times I've looked at my girls and wondered what they are thinking, this book was like getting a little glimpse into their minds.

This was a wonderful start to my reading list for 2012! And even though it was a random choice from the bookstore shelf, when we get home, I'll be placing it on my "keep forever because it's a great book" shelf in my library.

If you want something a little different, something to stir your emotions, something to keep you involved, or just a quick light read, this would be a good choice!

Rose in a Storm by Jon Katz


  1. I jost popped over from your other blog (which by the way I really enjoy) - I also enjoy reading but don't do it very often.... in fact my pile of books is quite high... This may just motivate me (oh no - I really don't need more to do) :) But this book looks very good - I will be checking back... Thank you!

  2. Since you enjoyed John Katz's book, you might like to check out his blog....Bedlam Farm Journal. He writes about his many dogs, other animals, his farm, and future books. I have enjoyed being a follower there.

    Your blogs looks interesting, I'll stop in again.

  3. lOOKING FORWARD TO YOUR NEW BLOG.I've read several Jon Katz books and have enjoyed them very much.I have been reading your other blog for awhile now-love seeing different parts of the country.Hope Paris is getting better everyday.

  4. Funny you should mention his book first! I follow the Bedlam Farm Blog, and have been considering reading some of the Jon Katz books. (Procrastinating!) With such a great recommendation, I will make this one the first! I do that a lot and with your "help", I hope to be reading more! Great idea, this blog. Keep on truckin'!

  5. I received a book store gift card for Christmas. This sounds perfect! Thanks :-)

  6. You are amazing! What a great idea for a blog. Since you loved this one, you would also enjoy The Art of Racing in the Rain and Dog On It. Both told from the dog's perspective. Love you!